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Podiatrist Coral Springs, FL: Support Your Feet While They Support You

Most of us are on our feet at least 8 hours a day, whether we’re doing
housework, construction, yard work or office work, and our feet have to support
us no matter what kind of punishment we put them through. When your feet rebel
and become too painful to let you perform your daily tasks, you should see a Podiatrist Coral Springs, FL. Podiatrists can help with a variety of foot and
ankle ailments like warts, bunions, hammer toes, toenail fungus, ingrown
toenails, athlete’s foot and heel and arch pain. Some of these problems arise
from the way we use our feet, some are genetic and some are a result of
diseases and disorders elsewhere in the body.

Although most of the problems you can develop in your feet are unavoidable,
The American Podiatric Medical Association has a list of tips for taking care
of your feet that will go a long way toward keeping them healthy and pain-free.
At the top of the list (and probably at the top of the list for your podiatrist
in Coral Springs, FL
) is choosing the right shoes. Choosing the right shoes for
work, recreation, sports and just everyday walking is the single most important
thing you can do for your feet. The one thing you must never do is to wear
someone else’s used shoes. This is especially important for the development of
children’s feet. Other people’s shoes have been broken in for their foot shape
and stride and it’s never a good idea to try to make your feet adapt to someone

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, choose shoes that offer a lot of
arch support, that have a good amount of cushioning and that don’t crowd your
toes. This means that you should try to avoid wearing high heels, which can push
your feet forward putting pressure on your toes and making them more vulnerable
to hammertoe and bunions. Flat shoes, especially flip flops, with no arch
support are also bad for long periods of time. If you absolutely must wear flip
flops, choose sturdy one that can’t be folded in half. And if your feet hurt
after wearing them for any length of time, take them off and let your feet
rest. There are any number of athletic shoe stores where the staff is very
knowledgeable about selecting the right athletic shoes for whatever sport you
play. Depending on the sport, this can mean a sturdy shoe, one with high sides
for ankle support or even cleats.

The other thing you can do to care for your feet is to keep your feet clean
and rested and to keep your toenails trimmed. If you can, get a foot massage as
often as is reasonable. Between massages, move your feet around in a circle
when you’re lying down to stretch them and keep cramps away. Wear socks with
your shoes when possible to absorb wetness and when socks aren’t possible, make
sure you wear leather or cotton shoes. Try to avoid plastic, rubber or other
non-breathable man-made materials.